ACT PAPER WINGS is the fair trade organization promoting and marketing the eco friendly upcycled hand made products designed and developed from the rural artisans, rural crafters and rural women self help groups all over India. This organization is a vital arm of ACTION CENTER FOR TRANSFORMATION (ACT) which is a nonprofit social development organization based in Gurgaon district of Haryana.

ACTION CENTER FOR TRANSFORMATION aims to empower the rural women socially and economically by building an environment and facilitating a change through capacity building and innovative approaches. At the same time, the organization believes in creating and supporting towards a green and clean environment.

ACT was established in 2010 but the journey of ACT PAPER WINGS began in the year 2012 and we have been able to create rural women livelihoods through upcycling waste, mainly old newspapers and other papers since then.


The Initiation

Nilanjana Das is the initiator and the driving force  behind this green social enterprise. When the passion and desire of an aspiring social entrepreneur unites with the dire needs of a few rural women to attain financial and social security, an organization, a movement – ACT is born. ACT (Action Center For Transformation) justifies its name by strongly believing in action oriented approach and transforming the lives of women. ACT advocates women‘s empowerment as a sustainable solution. ACT’s endeavor is to make the women financially independent and in that process develops their innate strength to take decisions and responsibilities, providing them the right motivation and right atmosphere all along the way. Starting from one dark corner with two women and then reaching out to more than three hundred women providing skill development trainings and supporting them to generate an income on a sustainable manner. The efforts are ongoing to identify, train, promote and develop a chain of rural women upcyclers across the zone which helps to generate an income and create a ripple effect bringing changes in their lives. The innovative outcome as the ACT PAPER WINGS- a brand of ecofriendly handicrafts made with love and conviction is a personification of creativity that our women force is showcasing it to the world. They have met the challenges of beautifying waste paper into hundred forms of utility. ACT along with the team of strong rural women sends a message of recycling paper and reducing the carbon footprint, hence conserving the environment and developing an eco conscious society.



Newspaper collection campaigns and drives are held across the city to collect old newspapers. The old newspaper trash is the raw material for the rural women. The  creative women turn the trash to resource and give the old newspapers a new life as an alternative  eco friendly product line which suits in the present lifestyle and develops an environment consciousness. Every waste paper is turned into a beautiful product. Nothing is wasted.



Managing waste through  the technique of Upcycling

Creative rural women livelihood opportunities

Creating an environment consciousness among the consumers and the society as a whole

Creating a green environment by reducing carbon foortprint



The waste newspapers travels from the corporate offices, apartments, schools and shops to the upcycling centers in Bandhwari, Bhondsi, Gwalpahari and Islamabad (PALWAL).The rural women sit in the common place or at the individual homes and transform the trash paper into beautiful utility products.

We have an ACT Experiential center which includes a upcyled paper office and a training center near Bhondsi on the Gurgaon –Sohna Road.