It’s difficult to believe that these products are made of newspaper. Is it the only base material used for the entire Paper Wings range?

These products are developed with a design concept where newspaper is used as the primary base material for every product. The basic process differs slightly for each product category where multiple layers of paper are sorted, cut into thin strips, folded and intricately woven to give the product structure, strength and durability.

I am curious to know how each product is priced. Do you have a pricing strategy in place?

Yes we do. The pricing strategy is worked out in a participatory manner with inputs from the crafters with regard to the time and effort requited to make each item. The women group calculates the cost of raw material per piece which is factored in to arrive at the cost price.  

Since the base material is paper, can products like as the electric lamp stand heat?

Newspaper is developed into electric lamps, string lights and eco candles. In fact, these are some of our bestselling products during the festive season. In case of lamps and lights, the raw product is varnished with a uniform coating of lacquer and thinner which makes the product heat-resistant and durable. The finished product paper stands heat efficiently.

In case of an eco-candle, the inside of the holding bowl is coated with a layer of earth which prevents direct contact between the paper and the flame. This concept of transforming paper into a candle which does not burn but lights for 4 hours is a unique innovation with waste paper which is now produced in bulk by the rural women.

For the crafters to derive long-term benefits from Paper Wings, we ensure that the products are not only attractive but also use-worthy.  The women have produced and sold hundreds of these items and there have never been any complaints so far.

I am concerned that the coasters/table mats may be easily destroyed by water?

The table runner, table mats and coasters are made from multiple strips of rolled newspaper which are joined together with a strong adhesive. The adhesive makes the product sturdy and the application of colours strengthens it further. The lacquer coating makes the product water- and spill-resistant.  

The runners, mats and coasters products are easily wipeable. For durability, we advise users to wipe dry the products after each use.

Paper is highly malleable but the products look so sturdy. How is this achieved?

It’s the malleability of paper which makes it so interesting to work with. Sheets of newspaper are sorted, cleaned, folded, rolled and woven to form a new shape. The adhesive, lacquer, and colour — each has a part to play in making the products sturdy and durable.

Through Paper Wings, old newspaper is designed and handcrafted to develop unique utility-based products that are artistic, eco-friendly and trendy.

Why should I buy these products and not the commercial alternatives which are usually cheaper?

There are multiple reasons.

Paper wings products are unique and exclusive. They are handcrafted with a strong design input which transforms trashed paper into a treasured product. Each item is a work of art, painstakingly produced by our master craftswomen. The techniques of paper-folding and weaving require a great deal of effort and concentration. Quality and finish are the producers’ primary concerns.

Commercial plastic alternatives may be cheaper but the Paper Wings products are incomparable as are environment-friendly and represent the cause of supporting rural women crafters. These products are aesthetic, long-lasting and affordable.

Lastly, each time you buy a Paper Wings product, you support a rural homemaker-turned-craftswoman in not only her personal growth, but also in her earnest efforts to give her children a better life that she has had.

Why do Paper Wings products make an ideal gift for any occasion?

Paper Wings products are unique upcycled eco-products which, when given as a gift, reflect your thoughtfulness, and your fondness for handcrafted artistry. At the same time, these products are fun, colourful and trendy, and therefore equally liked by all.

Each year we spend thousands on purchasing gifts for various occasions. By making a deliberate choice to gift Paper Wings products to your friends, family and colleagues on some of these occasions, you would be directly supporting the livelihood of rural women.

Are the craftswomen adequately compensated for their work?

All products are produced by the rural women self-help groups (SHG). The pricing is determined by taking into account the various factors of production. The effort analysis is done in a fair and transparent manner. The women themselves collaborate to arrive at the price for each product developed by the group. Each craftsperson is fairly compensated based on their output.


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